Movie Fact #485 – April 30th, 2014:

Sometimes we have off moments at work. While filming the scene from 1995’s “Dolores Claiborne” that takes place on the ferry between Dolores and Selena, actress Jennifer Jason Leigh, who played the character Selena St. George, became seasick. So a student from the local high school was pulled out of class to act as a stand-in. Poor Leigh, but bravo to that student for stepping up like that.

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Quote #485 – April 30th, 2014:

“Hope trumps experience.  It’s God’s joke on the human race.”

– John Standing, “A Good Woman”

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Movie Fact #484 – April 29th, 2014:

The 1975 film “Love and Death”, directed by Woody Allen, featured the Death character of The Grim Reaper. Allen is known to be inspired and influenced by Swedish filmmaker Ingmar Bergman who had featured the Grim Reaper in his legendary 1957 film “The Seventh Seal” . However while in the Bergman film the Grim Reaper wears black robes, in this film he wears a white gown. Allen would later feature the Grim Reaper again in his 1997 film “Deconstructing Harry”. To call Allen appreciative of others work at this point be an understatement but none can deny he doesn’t honor other’s work well.

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Quote #484 – April 29th, 2014:

“The question is – have I learned anything about life.  Only that human beings are divided into mind and body.  The mind embraces all the nobler aspirations, like poetry and philosophy, but the body has all the fun.”

– Woody Allen, “Love and Death”

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Movie Fact #483 – April 28th, 2014:

The 1946 film “The Yearling” was an extraordinary effort for actor Gregory Peck who, during the final days of filming, was alternating between the Florida set of this movie and a Texas set, where he was simultaneously filming 1946’s “Duel in the Sun”.

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Quote #483 – April 28th, 2014:

“Mr. Cracker, may I intercede for my friend’s youth and high spirits? Time will take care of that.”

– James Stewart, “Harvey”

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Movie Fact #482 – April 27th, 2014:

Actor Daniel Day-Lewis is known for immersing himself into a role completely and that means learning the character’s skills. How is this for commitment? For the role of Danny Flynn in the 1997 film ‘The Boxer”, Day-Lewis boxed and trained for 3 years in preparation for the role. A lesson that he has proven a thousand times: Commitment to a passion gets you somewhere in the world.

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Quote #482 – April 27th, 2014:

“Forgiveness liberates the soul, it removes fear.”

– Morgan Freeman, “Invictus”

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Movie Fact #481 – April 26th, 2014:

The 1960 film “Exodus” was famous for the hiring by director Otto Preminger of screenwriter Dalton Trumbo, who was blacklisted for being a Communist. Trumbo was hired and  later sought for other scripts by other studios. Trumbo won two Academy Awards while blacklisted. One Oscar was originally given to a front writer for 1956’s “The Brave One” and one was awarded to “Robert Rich”, Trumbo’s pseudonym, for 1953’s “Roman Holiday”.

When blacklisting effectively ended in 1960, due to losing credibility, Trumbo was publicly given credit for writing the screenplay for “Exodus” by director Otto Preminger and actor Kirk Douglas publicly announced that Trumbo was the screenwriter of 1960 “Spartacus”. To note, President John F. Kennedy crossed picket lines to see the movie. On December 19, 2011, The Writers Guild of America announced that Trumbo had finally been given full credit for his work on the screenplay of the 1953 romantic comedy “Roman Holiday”, sixty years after the fact. Regardless of his real life affairs, none can deny Mr. Trumbo could write and deserves respect, at least, in that regard. Whatever he believed in real life is up for you to decide for yourself.

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Quote #481 – April 26th, 2014:

“With fisherman, I have noticed, they don’t care whether I am brown or white, rich or poor, wearing robes or waders.  All they care about is the fish, the river and the game we play.”

– Amr Waked, “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen”

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