TV Fact #119 – February 8th, 2015:

During the first season and the first episode of the second season of “The Blacklist” (2013-Present), actress Megan Boone, who plays the lead character Elizabeth Keen, wore a wig to cover her short hair.

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Movie Fact #758 – February 8th, 2015:

In the scene of the 2000 film “The Emperor’s New Groove” where Pacha (Voiced by John Goodman) is carrying Kuzco (Voiced by David Spade) through the jungle, Pacha and Kuzco discuss Kuzco having low blood sugar. This is actually an in-joke about the fact that Spade is hypoglycemic in real life. Hey, got to laugh about the hard things in life right or they overtake you.

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Quote #758 – February 8th, 2015:

“The true price of any item is what somebody is willing to pay for it.”

– Jake Gyllenhaal, “Nightcrawler”

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TV Fact #118 – February 7th, 2015:

Audio commentary on the Season 1 DVD of “Rome” (2005-2007) indicates that many of the background performers used in the series were also their true professional counterparts. One example is that the actor shown in the series working as a butcher on the streets of Rome was in fact a butcher in real-life.

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Movie Fact #757 – February 7th, 2015:

The 2000 film “Battle Royale”, adapted from the 1999 novel of the same name by Koushun Takami, received global audience and critical acclaim and is often regarded as one of Japan’s most famous films, as well as one of director Kinji Fukasaku’s best films. Interestingly to know, Fukasaku started working on a sequel, “Battle Royale II: Requiem”, but he died of prostate cancer on January 12, 2003 after shooting only one scene with Takeshi Kitano, who played the character Kitano in the first film. His son, Kenta Fukasaku, completed the film in 2003 and dedicated it to his father showing that family is stronger than you believe.

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Quote #757 – February 7th, 2015:

“Home is now behind you. The world is ahead.”

– Ian McKellen, “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey”

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