TV Fact #121 – February 10th, 2015:

In “Star Wars Rebels” (2014-Present), the character C1-10P, aka “Chopper”, is an irritable astromech droid built and owned by Hera (Voiced by Vanessa Marshall). His design is actually heavily modeled on the original Ralph McQuarrie conceptual artwork for R2-D2. Describing the character, show co-creator Dave Filoni said, “He likes to do things the way that he wants, not necessarily the way the crew wants or as fast as the crew would like, but he gets the job done. He’s incredibly loyal.” He also summarized is as, “If R2’s your favorite dog, Chopper’s a cat.”

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Movie Fact #760 – February 10th, 2015:

In high school, writer director Damien Chazelle was in a “very competitive” jazz band and drew on the experience of “just dread” that he felt in those years to write and direct the 2014 film “Whiplash”. In fact,  he based the conductor, Terence Fletcher (Played by J.K. Simmons), on his former band instructor but “pushed it further” adding in bits of Buddy Rich as well as other notorious band leaders.

In fact, early on Chazelle gave Simmons direction telling him, “I want you to take it past what you think the normal limit would be” telling him “I don’t want to see a human being on-screen anymore. I want to see a monster, a gargoyle, an animal.” Also, many of the band members in the movies were real musicians or music students and Chazelle tried to capture the real moments of terror from them. However, Chazelle noted that in between takes Simmons was “as sweet as can be”. Chazelle credits Simmons for keeping, as he puts it, “the shoot from being nightmarish.”

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Quote #760 – February 10th, 2015:

“There are no two words in the English language more harmful than, “‘good job’.”

– J.K. Simmons, “Whiplash”

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TV Fact #120 – February 9th, 2015:

In order for the titular vehicle of “Airwolf” (1984-1987) to fly with it’s weapons deployed, they needed special permission from the FAA. Even though they were props, the FAA insisted on it. After the show was canceled the chopper was sold to a German firm. Airwolf, remarked as a Bell 222, actually flew as an air ambulance. Sadly, on the 9th of June in 1992, it crashed during a thunderstorm, killing all three crew members.

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Movie Fact #759 – February 9th, 2015:

The 2014 film “The One I Love” had a lot of connections to the real lives of the cast and director of the film. Actor Ted Danson, who plays the Therapist, is director Charlie McDowell’s stepfather. McDowell’s mother, actress Mary Steenburgen, also is featured doing voice work here as the character Mom.
Also, when the character Ethan (Played by Mark Duplass) is browsing the computer late in the film, he discovers a number of folders, each bearing the names of a couple who have visited the retreat. One of them is “Ted & Mary,” also a reference to husband & wife (and relatives of the director) Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen.
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Quote #759 – February 9th, 2015:

“You can drive yourself nuts trying to derive meaning from things that have no meaning to begin with.”

– Mark Duplass, “The One I Love”

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