TV Fact #136 – February 25th, 2015:

“Moonlighting” (1985-1989) featured an episode in it’s second second titled “The Dream Sequence Always Rings Twice”. It featured several interesting aspects.

The episode featured two lengthy and elaborately produced black-and-white dream sequences, following a fourteen minute set-up about a murder that had occurred in the 1940’s that David Addison (Played by Bruce Willis) and Maddie Hayes (Played by Cybill Shepherd) are told about by the inheritor of the then-famous nightclub where the murder had taken place. Maddie and David feud over the details of the crime, which involve a man and woman who were executed for the death of the woman’s husband. Maddie and David both claim the other was the real killer and had implicated the other out of spite. The show switched to two black-and-white dream sequences where the two dreamed their version of how the murder took place.

On a technical level, the two sequences were filmed on different black-and-white film stock so that they would look like true period films. Although, on the commentary on the DVD, it is said that they used black-and-white film instead of color so that the network wouldn’t later use the color film.

In fact, ABC was still displeased with the episode and fearing fan reaction to a popular show being shown in black and white, demanded a disclaimer be made at the beginning of the episode to inform viewers of the “black-and-white” gimmick for the episode. That didn’t stop the show’s producers from hiring legendary actor Orson Welles to deliver the introduction. The episode actually aired a few days after the actor’s death.

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Movie Fact #775 – February 25th, 2015:

Actor Bruce Willis has an uncredited background appearance as an extra in 1982’s “The Verdict”, in one of his first film appearances. After the verdict is read for the plaintiff, Willis can be seen, smiling, to the left of the head of the main character Frank Galvin (Played by Paul Newman). Actor Tobin Bell also appears to Newman’s right. Both Willis and Bell are listed as “Courtroom Observer” in the credits. They all got to start somewhere.

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Quote #775 – February 25th, 2015:

“Making comparisons can spoil your happiness.”

– Simon Pegg, “Hector and the Search for Happiness”

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