TV Fact #153 – March 16th, 2015:

“The King of Queens” (1998-2007) was partly inspired by the classic television sitcom “The Honeymooners” (1955-1956), as the married characters of Doug Heffernan (Played by Kevin James) and Carrie Heffernan (Played by Leah Remini) are based on the Kramden couple, with similar mannerisms and deadpan expressions. In fact, in the 2001 episode of the show titled “Inner Tube”, the show pays homage to “The Honeymooners”, as a distraught Doug dreams that he is Ralph Kramden (Originally played by Jackie Gleason), his wife Carrie is Alice Kramden (Originally played in the first seven episodes by Pert Kelton and then by Audrey Meadow), and his friend Deacon “Deac” John Palmer (Played by Victor Williams) is Edward Lillywhite “Ed” Norton (Originally played by Art Carney). “The Honeymooners” sequence for that episode was filmed in black-and-white and the audio quality (including the audience) matches a 1950’s style.

“The King of Queens” also happens to be one of the first series to broadcast in 16:9 high-definition video, broadcasting in 1080i. This happened because, at the time of the show’s premiere, CBS had just regained broadcasting rights to the NFL, and was an early adopter of HDTV technology as a result. This allowed “The King of Queens” to broadcast with the technology.

Interesting isn’t it? “The King of Queens” took from the past (Conceived out of inspiration from the 1950’s show “The Honeymooners” and from the future (Being one of the first broadcast in high-definition). I suppose a little bit of the old and the new make for something timeless…the 9 seasons and over 200 episodes speak for that.

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