Movie Fact #797 – March 21st, 2015:

Originally, in the 2002 film “Ice Age” the character Sid (Voiced by John Leguizamo) was supposed to be a con-sloth and a hustler, and there were even two finished scenes of the character conning some aardvark kids and a very suggestive scene with two female sloths later in the movie.

Also, Sid was supposed to have a female sloth named Sylvia chasing after him, whom he despised and kept ditching. However all of her direct scenes were removed while many scenes, which were finished, were retooled and re-animated for the final film. All the removed scenes of her can be seen on the “Super Cool Edition” of the “Ice Age” DVD. Leguizamo’s co-star Denis Leary, who voiced the character Diego, said in an interview with Jay Leno on July 12, 2012 that Diego originally died near the end of the film, which caused a negative reaction such as the test audience of children bursting into tears, so it was re-done.

Amazing the way a film could have played or it’s characters. Dead again, it’s the initial “What if?” question that allows these movies to happen to begin with.

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