Movie Fact #801 – March 25th, 2015:

A running gag in the 2008 film “Role Models” is a song entitled “Love Take Me Down (to the Streets)”, which is claimed by one character to be by the band Wings. In the initial scene at the Sturdy Wings building, the character in question, Martin Gary (Played by A.D. Miles), begins singing the song, which he claims is, in his words, “one of their hits from the 70’s”, a fact which lead character Danny Donahue (Played by Paul Rudd) denies.This is a minor recurring joke throughout the film and, during the credits, the song plays and is listed on the film soundtrack as being performed by the artist “Not Wings.”

The song was in reality written by Charles Gansa, a composer who worked on the film and A. D. Miles himself, the actor who plays the character of Martin. It was in fact written to imitate the style of the music of Wings. The singer who performed the song was Joey Curatolo. Curatolo is a Paul McCartney soundalike who performs in the Beatles tribute band RAIN – A Tribute to The Beatles. Lesson of the day: Make your own classics.

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