Movie Fact #802 – March 26th, 2015:

Actors don’t have it easy. Sometimes they have to play characters that are the opposite of their real life selves in both looks and beliefs. Take Nicole Kidman who plays the villain character Millicent Clyde in the 2014 film “Paddington”, based on the books written by author Michael Bond. Despite being a keen animal lover, Nicole Kidman took a taxidermy class to prepare herself for the part which is even more ironic by the fact Kidman’s childhood wish was to have Paddington Bear live at her home and was a major fan of the Michael Bond books growing up. She said that to participate in “Paddington” is the closest she will ever come to realize it. No one was more shocked by this fandom more than Kidman’s agent…and no one was more shocked by her role than her own children.

See Kidman’s agent originally considered rejecting the part of Millicent, before passing it on to Kidman herself. The agent casually mentioned the offer. She thought Kidman would turn it down immediately, but, to her surprise, she was met by an enthusiastic reaction from Kidman. And this reaction might have come not come from the surprise of Kidman’s childhood fandom of the books but all being this the first time Kidman would do a family-friendly film following the birth of her two children with Keith Urban. This was suppose to mean this would be the first time her two children will be able to see their mother in action. Sadly, according to Kidman, her children were very excited about the project at first, since they thought she would play, as they thought it, “the bear’s mommy”. When they discovered she was going to play the villain to the bear, they were left mortified.

Kidman was willing to betray her own ideas to make “Paddington”. Does personal ethical sacrifice count as commitment to the art of acting?

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