TV Fact #164 – March 27th, 2015:

Ever wonder how “Dark Angel” (2000-2002) would have ended if it had not been cancelled after it’s first season? How the adventures of lead character Max Guevara (Played by Jessica Alba) might have ended? Well in the DVD commentary for the series finale episode “Freak Nation”, executive producer and co-creator Charles H. Eglee detailed what was planned for season 3. The plan was to bring together the storylines of season 1 (Manticore) and season 2 (ancient blood cult) and reveal the mythology of “Dark Angel”.

As detailed by Eglee:

Many thousands of years ago, Earth passed through a comet’s tail which deposited viral material that killed 97% of the human race. Some people survived that had a genetic predisposition, some kind of antibody or immunity. The great pyramids in Egypt were actually genetic repositories, preserving the DNA of the survivors, built by an ancient blood cult that passed on this genetic immunity to selected members to keep this antibody against the return of the comet (which was due to happen in Season 3). Everybody else would perish, and the members of the cult would inherit the earth and rebuild civilization.

Sandeman, Max’s creator, jumped from the cult to give this genetic immunity to the rest of humanity, believing that everybody deserved the cure. The other cult members deemed Sandeman a heretic and a threat, undermining their goals of rebuilding humanity in their own image.

Max was going to be the savior of the human race. Sandeman finally found out how to give this genetic immunity to everyone through Max. There were multiple ideas of how to spread Max’s immunity to humanity, including an air burst that would disperse the antibody through the atmosphere, or attaching the immunity to a common cold virus (he detailed how a scene would show Original Cindy sneezing as part of the beginning of the immunity spread).

Fellow series writer Moira Dekker also spoke on the DVD commentary that the transfusion of character Logan Cale (Played by Michael Weatherly) that allowed him to use his legs once again at the end of season 2 would begin to fail during season 3.

It’s always painful when you’re a fan of an unfinished show to ask the question, “What if?” or “How does it all end?” and never get the answer. May this be some small closure of “Dark Angel” fans.

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