TV Fact #189 – April 1st, 2015:

“The Streets of San Francisco” (1972-1977) had actors Karl Malden and Michael Douglas starring as Det. Lt. Mike Stone (Shield # 2248) and Inspector Steve Keller as the lead characters (Douglas left for the final season). And they, along with the crew, were determined to make it authentic.

Malden and Douglas spent time with SFPD detectives in order to lend an air of authenticity to the show with the SFPD Detectives taking a liking to both Malden and Douglas. In fact, the Detectives characterized them as, and I quote, “very fine fellows”. Also, unlike subsequent generations of television production the show made an effort to insinuate itself as seamlessly as possible into the fabric of the city with the series itself filmed entirely on location in San Francisco.

Half of what makes great stories is being able to make an audience feel the story can really happen. Get the little details right and you edge out a vivid concept as real as anything real life can offer.

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Movie Fact #808 – April 1st, 2015:

The irony of actor Arnold Schwarzenegger winning a Golden Globe Award for “Best Acting Debut in a Motion Picture” for playing the character Joe Santo in the 1976 film “Stay Hungry” was his debut acting role was actually 7 years previous to that film with 1969’s “Hercules in New York”. Schwarzenegger does mention that he regrets being in “Hercules in New York” so maybe film voters shared that same sentiment.

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Quote #808 – April 1st, 2015:

“You’re an activist, I’m a politician.  You’ve got one big issue, I’ve got 101.”

– Tom Wilkinson, “Selma”

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