TV Fact #190 – April 2nd, 2015:

“Tales from the Crypt” (1989-1996) featured the popular cult character the Cryptkeeper who was voiced by John Kassir. Kassir came up with the trademark voice of the Cryptkeeper himself and when he auditioned for the part, the producers loved it so much they almost immediately chose him. However it was difficult for him to pull off the voice where he often had to swallow lemon juice and honey to sooth his throat after doing his lines. And visually conveying him was no picnic either.

It took six puppeteers to operate the Cryptkeeper during his scenes. Four puppeteers alone had to operate his facial expressions. It might have been harder had the Cryptkeeper originally had a nose. That’s a silly statement but while animatronics expert/puppetmaster Kevin Yagher was in the final stages of designing the Cryptkeeper he tried on a few noses to see which would look best for the character. Now Yagher had already shed lips, hair and most of the Cryptkeeper’s teeth. None of the noses looked quite right to Yagher either. Then director and producer Robert Zemeckis simply remarked, “You know, you don’t necessarily have to have a nose.”
Finally, the introduction sequence that started every episode through the Cryptkeeper’s home is actually the size of a miniature golf course green. To film this portion, small “snorkel” cameras were used to film with the descent into the crypt in the end of the intro being computer generated.
I kind of miss the old animatronic days. It just felt more detailed and intimate in how everything was designed and, being physical props, allowed a more realistic environment.
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