TV Fact #176 – April 18th, 2015:

Joss Whedon is one amazing show creator, having created some truly memorable shows. “Dollhouse” (2009-2010) was the last show he worked on before he went on to direct the 2012 film “The Avengers” and the upcoming 2015 sequel “Avengers: Age of Ultron”. Cancelled after two seasons, although Whedon had a five year plan for it, the premise for the show was devised by Whedon and actress Eliza Dushku while having lunch and talking about Dushku’s career options. She would go on to play the lead character of Echo in the show along with serving as a producer.

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Movie Fact #725 – April 18th, 2015:

While in production, the 1996 film “Fly Away Home” was at first titled “Flying Wild” but was changed to “Fly Away Home” just weeks before its release in movie theaters. In fact, the original trailer has the title “Flying Wild” and can be found on certain copies of the Columbia Tri-Star VHS Tape version of 1995’s “Jumanji”.

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Quote #825 – April 18th, 2015:

“We always assume there’s time and that we can give love on our own terms.  Then one day we wake up and find it’s too late to give it on any term.”

– James Donald, “Lust for Life”

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TV Fact #175 – April 17th, 2015:

On October 14, 2014, over a month after season one concluded for the show “The Leftovers” (2014-Present), HBO aired the entire season all day as a nod to the date in which the event called the “great departure” occurred in the show. That’s one way to market your show for the second season.

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Movie Fact #824 – April 17th, 2015:

The 2005 film “The Squid and the Whale” saw actor Jeff Daniels and actress Anna Paquin reuniting. They originally starred together in the 1996 film “Fly Away Home”. Daniels played the lead character Thomas “Tom” Alden and Paquin played his daughter Amy Alden. In “The Squid and the Whale”, Daniels played the lead character Bernard Berkman and Paquin played the character Lili.

This was a little awkward for them as Paquin plays a love interest to Daniels in “The Squid and the Whale” Upon the release of the film, Daniels said that this previous experience made the filming a bit awkward for both of them. In fact, his comment to one interviewer about how he and Paquin got through the filming of their intimate scenes was, and I quote, “we tried not to think about…you know, geese.”

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Quote #824 – April 17th, 2015:

“There’s no present like the time.”

– Maggie Smith, “The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”

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TV Fact #174 – April 16th, 2015:

An important address in the show “V” (2009-2011) is 4400 Pier Ave. Actor Joel Gretsch, who plays Father Jack Landry on the show, starred in the TV series “The 4400” (2004-2007) as the lead character Tom Baldwin.

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Movie Fact #823 – April 16th, 2015:

The 2002 Swedish-Norwegian-Danish film “I Am Dina” saw an interesting display of kindness from one of the co-stars of the film. Co-star Gérard Depardieu, who played the character Jacob Grønlev, brought 500 bottles of wine from his own farm and winery to the location of Kjerringøy in northern Norway, as he put it himself, “to keep the spirits up”.

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Quote #823 – April 16th, 2015:

“When you become proactive, your problems become subtractive.”

– Allison Janney, “The DUFF”

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TV Fact #173 – April 15th, 2015:

“Skins” (2007-2013) proved to be atypical of an ongoing drama series in that it replaced its primary cast every two years. Creator Bryan Elsley said, “There are risks associated with dumping a cast, but we just did it. There was some disquiet at the channel, but then they told us just to go with it.” He also confirmed at Broadcast’s television drama conference that the show would stick to its pattern of introducing college-age characters, moving them on in the next series, then letting them go.

As he described the two year pattern, “The first year is about getting to know the kids, and the second gives us the advantage of being able to explore their psyches a little more”. However, the character of Effy Stonem (Played by Kaya Scodelario) shows this pattern wasn’t always held strong. She is the only character to appear in more than three seasons, starring in every season except 5 and 6.

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