Movie Fact #732 – April 25th, 2015:

The 1942 film “Woman of the Year” was originally shot with a different ending, but it proved unpopular at test screenings so the decision was made to change it. With that, the final fifteen minutes of the film were re-written and shot.

The original ending of the film saw the lead character Sam Craig (Played by Spencer Tracy) go missing (after he had left the child at the orphanage) while he was meant to be writing an article about an upcoming boxing match. Because of this, the character Tess Harding (Played by Katharine Hepburn) decides to take over for him, and visits the gym to learn about the fight.

Sam is found in a language school trying to learn French and Spanish, to “be important”, and is shocked when he sees the article so he goes to the fight where he meets Tess. She insists that she did it to be a “good wife,” and that she will change and do everything expected of her. Sam says that he doesn’t want either extreme; he just wants her to be “Tess Harding Craig” (the same as in the released ending.)

I don’t understand what would have made the ending so bad, but perhaps it was this very extreme nature, which lead character Sam Craig would have disagreed with, that led it to be replaced with the final theatrical ending.

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