Movie Fact #742 – May 5th, 2015:

The upcoming 2015 film “Ricki and the Flash” was definitely a family affair for both screenwriter Diablo Cody and lead actress Meryl Streep who plays the lead character Ricki, an aging rock star who abandoned her family to become a famous musician.

The film is an inspiration of Cody’s real-life mother-in-law who fronted a New Jersey bar band for years. As Cody quoted, “I watched her on stage so many times, and I thought to myself, ‘This woman’s life is a movie.'” With that, Cody said that she made up the title character, an aged talented musician who faces the consequences of having chosen music over family, and also said there are not a lot of complicated roles played by actresses over 50. Cody had Streep in her mind when she was writing the script for the film. Cody wasn’t the only one though that had personal investment in the film.

This will be the second film Streep and her real life daughter Mamie Gummer who played the character Julie, a divorced daughter of the character Ricki. The last time Streep and Gummer were seen together was in 1986’s “Heartburn” in which Streep played the lead character Rachel Samstat and GUmmer played the characterr Annie. Cody quoted to THR, “It’s going to be pretty exciting to see to watch them play against each other, I can’t imagine embarking on something like that with my mom. I feel like we would work out a lot of stuff.”

So indeed mother-daughter relationships fueled both the on-screen and off-screen creative forces of this film. It perhaps is this factor that will give the film the power it needs to grab the audience by the heart…for the film was written and acted from the heart.

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