Movie Fact #801 – July 3rd, 2015:

The 1971 film “Carnal Knowledge”, saw a lot of strange moments occur for the lead cast. The fight scene between actress Jack Nicholson and Ann-Margret, who played the character Jonathan Fuerst and Bobbie respectively, took a week to shoot, and at the end of it both performers had lost their voices. Although the film is mostly noted for it’s…promiscuous nature.

The scene in which Sandy (Played by Arthur Garfunkel) takes out a condom while in bed with Susan (Played by Candice Bergen) was the very first time a condom was ever shown onscreen, all over Earth. And when Nicholson got ready to act in a nude scene that was filmed, he warned all others by saying the phrase, “Here comes Big Steve!”

Let’s be honest…not every film is a G-rated family film. In fact, some are willing to show the most intimate moments of people’s lives…and all sides of people. Course the movie has the word “carnal” in the title so really they gave you the heads up before you saw this movie.

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