Movie Fact #817 – July 19th, 2015:

Last night I mentioned the 1967 film “Divorce American Style”. For those that don’t know, the title for that movie was a homage to the 1961 Italian comedy film “Divorce Italian Style”, based on the novel “Un delitto d’onore” (Translates to “Crime of Honor”) by author Giovanni Arpino. However, it wasn’t so funny what had to be done for actress Stefania Sandrelli, who played the character Angela. See Sandrelli had problem crying in the scene where actor Marcello Mastroianni, who played the lead character Ferdinando Cefalù, got spat on for being a cuckold by the wife of the character Carmelo Patanè (Played by Leopoldo Trieste). What director Pietro Germi did might be considered extremely questionable.

After many wasted takes and having been prompted by an onlooker, Germi with an unlit half cigar in his mouth got up from his chair, walked over to Sandrelli and gave her two good slaps. Sandrelli was embarrassed because she had been slapped in front of hundreds of people. This got her to really begin crying and the scene was finally shot.

Like I said, questionable.

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