Movie Fact #823 – July 25th, 2015:

Interesting how the 1969 British Second World War film “Battle of Britain” The large number of aircraft collected for this production made it the 35th largest air force in the world and, according to the book written about the making of the movie, the production crew used more ammunition (blanks of course) to film the movie than were actually used in the real battle. This was due to the fact that director Guy Hamilton re-shot scenes numerous times. But let’s be clear on the planes brought in for this historical film.

27 Spitfires in various degrees of repair were found for the film, 12 of which could be made airworthy, while only six Hurricanes where found, three of which were made flyable. The Messerschmitt 109 where all retired from the Spanish Air Force with the production company having bought them all, about 50 of them, and put 17 of them back in flying condition.

The Spanish Air Force pilots flew the planes along with members of the Confederate Air Force. The 32 Heinkels, with crews, were on loan for free from the Spanish Air Force as well where they still were used for transport and target towing. Two of them were eventually bought by the production company and flown together with the 17 Messerschmitts to England for further shooting while the two Junkers 52 were also on loan from the Portuguese Air Force.

Makes sense doesn’t it? The film portrays the true historical Battle of Britain during a World War. Why not bring in pilots from all over the world to fly the planes?

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