Movie Fact #827 – July 29th, 2015:

The 1971 film “Diamonds Are Forever”, a film I briefly spoke about two years ago, had a lot of interesting experiences for actor Sean Connery in his last film as James Bond (At least in the continuity established by Eon Productions). Reportedly, the final scene Connery filmed as Bond (Again, at least in the official movie series) was the one in which an unconscious Bond is loaded into a coffin at the funeral home. And, to add to the humor, Connery’s last ever day of playing James Bond for EON Productions was Friday the 13th August, 1971. The biggest punchline for Connery didn’t occur till years after the film.

During a late 1990’s airing of “Diamonds Are Forever” on cable channel TBS’s Dinner and A Movie, co-star Bruce Glover recalled that while filming their scenes together, he and actor Putter Smith, who played the characters Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd respectively, had Conneryconvinced that the two were actually openly homosexual. Glover added that a few years later while on an airline flight he was flirting with a female flight attendant. Then, suddenly Glover heard a Scottish accented voice saying, “You son of a bitch…”. Wouldn’t you know it, Glover turned around and saw the man was Connery.

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