TV Fact #278 – July 29th, 2015:

The animated show “James Bond Jr.” (1991-1992) is rather obscure in the familial origins of the main character James Bond Jr. (Voiced by Corey Burton) and although not considered part of the continuity of the James Bond novels and films, nonetheless some characters from both franchises appeared on this series, such as Dr. No and Jaws. The character of James Bond Jr. is, just based on theory, the son of the brother of James Bond. However, In the original books written by author Ian Fleming, James Bond was an only child with no surviving relatives and, despite the Junior in his name, the main character of this show is actually James Bond’s nephew, not his son.

All that is known is that the name of James Bond Jr. was first used in 1967 for a spinoff novel entitled “The Adventures of James Bond Junior 003½” written by the pseudonymous R. D. Mascott. So not a fact but a mystery with only so many answers that can be made. I suppose that mystery adds to the debonair nature that seems to run in the very strange family tree that is the Bond family.

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