Movie Fact #829 – July 31st, 2015:

The 1977 film “That Obscure Object of Desire”, adapted by Buñuel and screenwriter Jean-Claude Carrière from an 1898 novel by author Pierre Louÿs called “La Femme et le pantin”, was the final film directed by Luis Buñuel and, in fact, the final scene of the movie in which a woman mends a bloody nightgown was the last scene Buñuel shot as a director. He retired after that and died in 1983.

He explained his reasons to his friend, novelist Carlos Fuentes while in his 70’s. Buñuel once told him, and I quote, “I’m not afraid of death. I’m afraid of dying alone in a hotel room, with my bags open and a shooting script on the night table. I must know whose fingers will close my eyes.” It is as if Buñuel knew his time was coming. He died in Mexico City in 1983 and Fuentes has even recounted that Buñuel spent his last week in the hospital discussing theology with the Jesuit brother Julian Pablo, a long time friend.

Death, as quoted by endless hordes of people, is not defeat. It simply is the next stage of life we all must go through. Some go into that good night with grace, others die in regret, and then there are those who didn’t even see it coming. Regardless of how it happens, death is a victory for those who choose to look back and realize it’s time to go by the end of the road. That road…I can’t tell you where it ends or if it ever ends. I can simply say that our roads have a destination and that destination is one we all ride to. Might as well ride there together.

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