TV Fact #304 – August 23rd, 2015:

The American variety show “The Steve Allen Show” (1956-1960) helped foster the careers of many musicians. Although host Steve Allen himself did not have much affection for rock and roll, the show featured numerous rock and roll artists in their earliest TV appearances.

In fact, the show presented Elvis Presley, Fats Domino,Jerry Lee Lewis, Louis Jordan & The Tympany Five, The Treniers, and The Collins Kids. However, the rock ‘n’ roll stars often did not appear on the show as most fans would have desired or expected.

For instance, Allen presented Elvis Presley with a top hat and the white tie and tails of a “high class” musician while singing “Hound Dog” to an actual Basset Hound, who was similarly attired. Some have erroneously suggested that the “Hound Dog” performance was intentionally disrespectful, and in fact was emblematic of Allen’s disdain for rock ‘n’ roll. However, in reality, Allen took a risk booking the controversial Presley, and the bit was orchestrated both for comedic effect, and to mitigate potential controversy.

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