Movie Fact #844 – September 3rd, 2015:

The 2006 disaster film “Poseidon”, the third film adaptation of author Paul Gallico’s novel “The Poseidon Adventure” and a loose remake of the 1972 film of the same name, may have not been well received but it holds a few achievements. It is director Wolfgang Petersen’s last film to date as he has not directed a major project since the film’s release (He also co-produced the film). Also, on a technical note, the film holds a Guinness World Record for having the most detailed CG model in a film. As seen in the opening two and a half minutes shot of the film, where the camera tours the ship’s exterior, we see one of the most complex digital models ever created at Industrial Light & Magic. The exterior shots included 181,579 individual objects, including 382 cabins, 876 portholes, 73 towels, and 681 deck chairs.

To pull off these realistic effects, Industrial Light & Magic used the most advanced version of mental ray to photo-realistically light and render the shots, and were responsible for all of the ship’s exterior shots. For water simulations, proprietary software was used, known as PhysBAM. PhysBam was created in collaboration with Stanford University. Harold “Howie” Weed was computer graphics modeler for the film. Finally, digital interior sets and water effects were handled by MPC, while liquid and gaseous effects were simulated using Scanline VFX proprietary software Flowline. Some other shots were handled by CIS Hollywood, with water effects simulated using RealFlow.

So perhaps “Poseidon” isn’t a classic. It doesn’t take away the work done behind the scenes to create, if anything, a film with beautiful aesthetics.

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