TV Fact #321 – September 9th, 2015:

The American television sitcom “Anything But Love” (1989-1992) started an interesting group of main stars and guest stars that would see a lot of each other in the coming years. The one in the middle of these reunions was guest star, actress Tia Carrere.

On the show, Carrere guest starred once as the now grown-up, Asian-born college student that lead character Marty Gold (Played by Richard Lewis) had once sponsored as a child. Carrere would later go on to play Lewis’ girlfriend on several episodes of the 2007 season of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” (2000-2001). Carrere would also co-star with actress Jamie Lee Curtis, who played the character Hannah Miller on the show, later on in 1994 American action comedy film “True Lies”. In that film, Curtis played the character Helen Tasker, wife of lead character Harry Tasker (Played by Arnold Schwarzenegger), and Carrere played the character Juno Skinner, one of the villains of the film.

I wonder how that feels as an actor to work with old co-stars in totally different character dynamics. Probably allows a lot more trust the second or third time around between the actors most of the time. At least…one can hope for the sake of everyone else working on the film.

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