TV Fact #323 – September 11th, 2015:

The American television series “Emergency” (1972-1977), which combined the medical drama and action-adventure genres, may have been a fictional show but, nearly 30 years after “Emergency! debuted”, the Smithsonian Institution accepted “Emergency!” memorabilia into its National History Museum, public-service section. This memorabilia included their helmets, turnouts, biophone, and defibrillator. However, it did more than that.

First off, a Los Angeles County Fire Department station was built to cover Universal Studios in Universal City, California, as a tribute to “Emergency!” which filmed at Universal. Of course, like the station in the show, the new station was named Station 51. An engine, a paramedic unit, and a patrol unit are assigned there and is part of LACoFD Division VII.

On a final note, the series not only introduced many viewers to the concepts of pre-hospital care, fire prevention and CPR, but is also credited for demonstrating first aid techniques that enabled some viewers to save lives in real medical emergencies. In fact, when the medical community saw that the general public were learning these techniques from the show, they started teaching programs for CPR in every state.

Sometimes the adventures of fictional characters saving people can leave a very real impact on real people.

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