Movie Fact #864 – September 23rd, 2015:

The 2013 film “Nebraska” had a lighting designed to accommodate black and white screening, and was converted from color to black and white in post-production because director Alexander Payne said he wanted to produce an “iconic, archetypal look”.According to cinematographer Phedon Papamichael, the choice to make the film black and white was to use “the poetic power of the black and white in combination with these landscapes and of course the landscapes are playing a huge role in this story”. However, the choice of black and white was made against distributor Paramount Vantage’s wishes although a color version of the film was also produced in an effort to satisfy distributor Paramount Vantage’s concerns. Payne said that he hopes no one ever sees it.

Despite that desire by Payne, the network Epix announced in August 2014 that it would show the color version as a “limited time showing”, but none can deny the beautiful, classic look of the film allowed for an investing story of cinematic prowess. Don’t worry Payne, your original work will remain intact.

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