TV Fact #339 – September 27th, 2015:

The American television series “After Words” (1985-Present), an hour-long talk show where each week features an interview with the author of a new nonfiction book by a guest host who is familiar with the author or the subject matter of their book, debuted on January 2, 1985 with political scientist Norman J. Ornstein from the American Enterprise Institute interviewing politician and author Newt Gingrich about his book “Winning the Future”. Since then, many noteworthy authors and guest hosts have appeared on the program include.

Politician and author Jimmy Carter has been interviewed by author and history professor Douglas Brinkley. Politician and author Bob Dole has been interviewed by author Rick Atkinson. American journalist and anchor Andrea Mitchell has been interviewed by communication professor S. Robert Lichter. A final one of note, historian Simon Schama has been interviewed by history professor Edna Medford.

I find a show like this is very necessary. By interviewing such vast groups of political experts, historians, and journalists, audiences get a grand understanding of the wide world in all it’s political, sociological, and historical glory. Perhaps with such knowledge, the world can learn to be taken in a better direction every day by those educated with such wide ranges of perspectives and knowledge. Knowledge, as the old saying goes, is power.

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