TV Fact #346 – October 4th, 2015:

The British political–spy thriller television miniseries “The Honourable Woman” (2014) involved lead actress Maggie Gyllenhaal being both extremely professional off-camera and having grand influences in playing the lead character Nessa Stein. First and foremost, she has cited actress Emma Thompson as being a huge influence on how she came to her British accent for the character. However, Gyllenhaal has stated she deliberately wished to keep her own political opinions on the area private for fear it would bias how people viewed the series.

The miniseries writer/director Hugo Blick claimed to have wanted someone with authority, intellect but also “otherness” to play the role of Nessa. He also claimed that he knew Gyllenhaal was perfect for this “…the moment she stepped onto the floor”. In order to persuade Gyllenhaal to take the role, Blick claimed to only have to, as he quoted, “fly to her New York home, show her the script and try some of her homemade nettle soup.”

Blick claimed a lot of things, but without a lick of doubt, Gyllenhaal was certainly the star of this series both in name and ability as the character.

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