Movie Fact #854 – October 13th, 2015:

Bradley Blakeman, a former deputy assistant for appointments and scheduling to President George W. Bush, filed a lawsuit on August 7, 2008 against several financiers of the 2008 comedy-drama “Swing Vote”. Blakeman stated that he gave actor Kelsey Grammer a copyrighted screenplay titled “Go November” in 2006. Grammer played the Republican incumbent character President Andrew “Andy” Boone in “Swing Vote”.

The lawsuit, filed at the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York in Long Island, New York, was against Grammer, Kevin Costner (co-financier) who also played the lead character Ernest “Bud” Johnson, The Walt Disney Company (owner of the film rights), Walt Disney Motion Pictures Group Inc. (production company) and Touchstone Pictures (distributor), and claims that the plot and marketing elements of the 2008 comedy-drama film “Swing Vote” was stolen from him.

Regardless of this, the case was eventually settled for $10.00 after the judge dismissed his other claims against Costner and Disney. So, based on your perspective, Blakeman got exactly what he wanted or got the short end of the stick. Guess it is a solo swing vote in each person’s mind.

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