Movie Fact #879 – November 7th, 2015:

Film is a team effort. It takes crew, cast, and actors. Sometimes, you don’t realize how many make a film happen. This is no more clear than in the recently released, 2015 film “Spectre”, the twenty-fourth “James Bond” film produced by Eon Productions which in turn is based off the series of novels written by author Ian Fleming. In February 2015, over fifteen hundred extras were hired for the pre-title sequence set in Mexico which was then duplicated in the film to give the effect of around ten thousand extras. Then, in July 2015. director Sam Mendes noted that the combined crew of “Spectre” numbered over one thousand, making it a larger production than the previous James Bond film, 2012’s “Skyfall”. And what allowed Bond to truly prosper again was the many return crew members.

In March 2013, Mendes, who directed “Skyfall”, said he would not return to direct the next film in the series, then known as “Bond 24”. This he later recanted and announced that he would return, as he found the script and the plans for the long-term future of the franchise appealing. In directing “Skyfall” and “Spectre”, Mendes became the first director to oversee two consecutive Bond films since director John Glen, who directed both 1987’s “The Living Daylights” and 1989’s “Licence to Kill”. He wasn’t the only one though. “Skyfall” screenwriter John Logan resumed his role of scriptwriter for “Spectre”, collaborating with screenwriters Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, who returned for their sixth Bond film. Finally, Dennis Gassner will also returned as the film’s production designer.

Filmmaking is not just he director or the actors. Those are just the people who headline it for the general audience. It is a massive endeavor and the bigger the film, the bigger the crew and, sometimes, the bigger the cast too. For those who saw “Spectre” already it’s up to you to decide whether it lived up to the expression “The bigger, the better” or not. For me…they did just fine.

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