TV Fact #393 – November 20th, 2015:

To further prepare for the role of Paul McCartney in the 2000 television drama “Two of Us”, actor Aidan Quinn traveled to Liverpool with actor Ian Hart, who had portrayed John Lennon in the 1994 Anglo-German drama film “Backbeat”.

While there, Quinn visited a number of places including McCartney’s childhood home. Jackie Spencer at was tour guide in Liverpool that day. She was impressed by Aidan’s commitment to the role. And it all paid off.

Quinn discussed McCartney’s reaction to the film who he had met just after finishing the film. He discussed this in an April 18, 2004 interview:

“Just after I finished the film, I went on holiday and Paul McCartney was staying at the same place. I met him and we became quite friendly. Later, he saw the film and fortunately he liked it. It would have been terrible if he’d hated it.”

So, safe to say, Quinn did great. If you can impress the real-life person you’re portraying on-screen there is literally nothing else that can be expected of you. On an interesting side note, McCartney actually hated “Backbeat”, feeling it did not accurately portray certain aspects of who sang what songs and who came up with what. So…yeah Quinn was also an improvement by McCartney’s standards.

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