TV Fact #404 – December 1st, 2015:

The 1974 drama film “Martha”, made for German television, wasn’t shown for over 20 Years for legal reasons.

See, author Cornell Woolrich claimed that the film had a lot similarities to one of his novels. Rainer Werner Fassbinder replied, that he first read the story Wollrich referred to after filming was complete.

Nevetheless Woolrich got a writing-credit, and after his death, they were able to clear the rights with the first German screening of a restored edition being in November 1997.

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Movie Fact #903 – December 1st, 2015:

The 2013 German drama film “3096 Tage” (Translated: “3096 Days”), based on the autobiography of Austrian Natascha Kampusch who was kidnapped and imprisoned for eight years, was filmed predominantly in the Bavaria Film Studios in Munich where the dungeon of Natascha Kampusch (Played by Antonia Campbell-Hughes) was reconstructed in detail from original photos.

This was also the final film of legendary director of photography, German native Michael Ballbaus who had also worked with director Martin Scorcese on a number of his films, including 1990’s “Goodfellas” and 2002’s “Gangs of New York”.

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Quote #903 – December 1st, 2015:

“In a good friendship, you only tell each other the good things.”
– Harvey Keitel, Youth”
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