Movie Fact #522 – June 6th, 2014:

The 80’s seemed to have a mini-cycle of Hollywood movies made during the early 1980’s that centered around military cadet training. The films included during that time were 1980’s “Private Benjamin”, 1980’s “Up the Academy”,1981’s “Taps”, 1981’s “Stripes”, 1982’s “An Officer and a Gentleman”, and 1983’s “The Lords of Discipline”. That cycled then continued in the mid-late 1980’s with others like 1986’s “Heartbreak Ridge”, 1987’s “Full Metal Jacket”, 1988’s “Biloxi Blues”, and 1990’s “Cadence”. The military, no matter what time of history you’re in, has a relevance in the world. Seems the filmmakers of the 1980’s sought to really show that.

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